Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Editorial:Outlines by Hon'ble President of India

Our Hon'ble President Sir Pranab Mukherjee addressed to a joint session of parliament on 09/6/2014. He outlined highlights of newly elected government's projects and policies envisaged by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi:
1. On Land Use
A new national land use policy
2. On Water Resources 
Considering all options, including inter-linking of rivers for optimal use of water resources
3. On Education
Setting up an IIT and an IIM in every state; formulating a national education policy
4. On Jobs
A labor-intensive manufacturing policy; employment exchanges to connect youth with opportunities
5. On Industrial Hubs
World-class investment & industrial regions along dedicated freight and industrial corridors
6. Infra Development 
A 10-year programme; low-cost airports to promote air connectivity to smaller towns; modernizing existing ports and development of new world-class ones
7. Railways
Modernization of railways; a project for high speed trains; push for investment through innovate financing methods
8. Price Rise
Containing food inflation through improved supplies
9. Energy Policy
Coal-sector reforms; international civil nuclear pacts to be operational
10. Agriculture 
Addressing issues related to pricing and procurement of produce, crop insurance and post-harvest management; freight corridors with specialized rail networks to carry perishable agri-products
11. IT Boost
Use of IT to drive govt processes and improve service delivery & programme implementation
12. Quick Clearances
Environment & forest clearance systems to be made more predictable, transparent and time-bound
13. Urbanization
Creating 100 cities with world-class amenities
14. Taxes
Simplification of tax regime to make it non-adversarial and conducive to investment; bringing GST after taking states on board
15. Law & Order
Zero tolerance for terrorism, extremism, riots and crime; tackling issues of infiltration in the North-east

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